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A flexible cryptocurrency trading bot written in Python and bors.


Some assumptions are made that you are familiar with Python and operate in Linux. There is currently no way to test on Windows or Apple operating systems, and while you may use the OTS strategies that come with this repository, in order to expand on your strategy development time is a likely requirement.

If you are able to use docker, this will solve the first problem. If you are able to pay for development services, that will solve the second.

Python Dependencies

  • Python 3.6+ is assumed
  • bors
  • ccxt
  • dataclasses

Key Features


  • Extensible for any exchange using CCXT.
  • Exchange helper facilities; _connection pooling, websockets, shared contexts.
  • Mutiple exchange connectivity allowing for arbitrage.
  • Strive toward dynamic, forward-compatible interfaces.


All currencies supported; if the exchange supports it, it will work. * Wallet support, allowing for automated coin transfers. (coming soon)


Implementation is independent of strategy, allowing for maximal reuse, flexibility, and enforcing DRY principles.


  • “Plugable” strategy architecture using IStrategy inheritance.
  • “Stackable” architecture allows you to isolate grouped functionality for reuse.
  • Utilizes a middleware pipeline for processing.
  • Shared context objects allow for maximum versatility in complex scenarios.
  • Utilization of algorithms as backend functional libraries (strategy equates to “business logic”).
  • Automatic configuration pass-through.
  • See bors for more information.


Flexible modularized configuration using JSON. See config.json.example.


  • Namespaced immutable configuration will greatly reduce your chance of information leakage and manipulation.
  • File system storage & security (requires careful consideration of file permissions; see install notes below).

Coming soon…

  • Backtesting and supporting documentation.
  • More documentation around creating exchanges, algorithms, and strategies.
  • Tests, tests, tests!
  • For a deployment example, see siphonexchange.



git clone nombot && cd $_
pip install requests numpy pandas

Upgrading to the latest

The master branch will contain the latest release. develop will contain the latest developments and may break things.

git pull


  1. Create your strategy class, using any available algorithms, or creating your own algorithms.
  2. Copy config.json.example to config.json and execute chmod 600 config.json.
  3. Change the configuration required for your strategy, exchange(s), API calls, etc. based on the examples.




Options: 1. Follow the instructions here: 2. Submit an issue or feature request here.